BRIGITTE KINGSLEY (SUMMER VALE) While pursuing her acting career, Brigitte graduated from York University with her Bachelor of Fine Arts, and launched a production company Defiant Empire Corporation with business partner Andrew Cymek.  She produced and starred in her first feature film Dark Rising in 2007.  The low-budget indie feature was released through Universal Vivendi in Canada and through E1 Koch in the US.  It also earned Brigitte a Canadian Comedy Award Nomination for Best Female Performance in 2008.

Her feature film Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf, an action-thriller starring John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), William B. Davies (X-Files), Mercedes McNab (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Jay “Christian” Reso (WWE) is set to be released in August 2011 through Anchor Bay.

LANDY CANNON (JASON PARKS) Landy Cannon started acting in his early twenties and quickly turned heads landing numerous supporting and lead roles in film and television. With an extensive resume that crosses the gamut from hit television shows like “G-Spot”, “Relic Hunter”, “Earth: Final Conflict” & “The Jane Show” and features such as “American Psycho”, “Cat Woman” & “Jekyll and Hyde”, Landy Cannon has become a regular in the Canadian industry.
He has worked with renowned directors including Bruce Macdonald (Twitch City), Mary Harron (American Psycho), Jerry Ciccoritti (Victor, Murder in the Hamptons), and James Toback (Harvard Man) and along side award winning actors such as Christian Bale, Sarah Michelle Gellar & Halle Berry.


MATTI McLEAN (WEEBER) Matti McLean is an author, playwright, actor and director from North Bay, Ontario, but is currently living in Toronto.
He played the part of Weeber in the television series "Dark Rising: The Savage Tales of Summer Vale" and the movie "Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back". Matti also just released a fictional book called "Catalyst" available on Amazon.
He did more exciting stuff but you'll have to find out about that later when he knows what else to say about himself.



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