"Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds" Premiere on SuperChannel 1

Cancel your Sunday plans and get ready for the SuperChannel Premiere of "Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds."

Follow along with Summer Vale in a new, Darker side of the Dark Rising Universe. The first episode airs Sunday July 20th at 7:05PM on SuperChannel 1.

Visit the Warrior of Worlds Page to learn all about the series and visit SuperChannel 1 for further airing Dates and Times. Please contact your Television Provider for information on how to subscribe to SuperChannel so you can tune in and enjoy.



Sorry for not posting for a while Fans, we've been quite busy with Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds" and getting it into the hands of our Distributor for you to watch.

Can't wait to hear what you all have to say and we hope you like it as much as we do. We're working on the final steps and we'll update as more information is available.

Thank you all for your patience though, hopefully rewarded very soon.


News to Go.

If you've ever wanted to get notified the second Dark Rising has updates, we've got good news. We've created the new Dark Rising World RSS Feed, a syndicated updates feed delivered straight to a News Reader. Just register is to a mail client or whichever software you get news on and you'll be updated the second we post anything.


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