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Summer Strikes Back!


If you see sand worms and demons roaming the peaceful streets of North Bay this summer – no need toIf you see sand worms and demons roaming the peaceful streets of North Bay this summer – no need toworry, because Princess Warrior Summer Vale is on the scene!  Black Walk and Defiant Empire have set up the“base camp” for their two latest productions in North Bay.  Their television series “The Savage Tales of Summer Vale” and their feature film “Summer Strikes Back!” will be commencing principal photography this August. Both projects originate from a feature film entitled “Dark Rising”; a project the companies teamed up to produce in 2006.

The comedy-horror was released through Universal Vivendi in Canada late 2007 and will be hitting the shelves in the US August 11 2009.  In 2008 it was nominated for six Canadian Comedy Awards and shortly thereafter theconcept of a “Dark Rising” series and sequel was green-lit by the Super Channel and development began.

The television series and feature film follow the continued exploits of demon huntress Summer Vale(Brigitte Kingsley) and her team of misfits as they struggle to keep the world safe from impending doom.  This sexy comedy is a mix of action-packed supernatural adventures and witty banter between a cast of hilarious characters.

Joining the team once again is Toronto actor Landy Cannon playing the role of the lovable everyman “Jason Parks” and Julia Schneider as good girl gone bad "Renee Phillips".

Brigitte Kingsley is the producer and star of the “Dark Rising” brand.  Originally from Sudbury, Ontario, she wanted to bring the projects to Northern Ontario for its stunning locations and friendly community.  Along with Executive Producer Mihkel Harilaid, their company Black Walk has produced a series of successful Canadian Films including “Medium Raw”, “Phil the Alien” and “Ham & Cheese”.

This will be writer/director Andrew Cymek and his company Defiant Empire’s third feature film andfirst television series.  The young talented creator of the Dark Rising “Empire” just finished shooting “Medium Raw”; an action-thriller that he also wrote, directed and starred in, alongside John Rhys Davies (Lord of the Rings), William B. Davis (X-Files) and Mercedes McNab (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Principal photography on their feature film “Summer Strikes Back!” will begin in August followed by theirtelevision series “The Savage Tales of Summer Vale” which will shoot from September through to the end of October 2009.


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