Going Academic.

In order to have as many resources as possible for fans to learn all there is to know about Dark Rising, the Dark Rising Wikipedia Page has just been created. It has now been indexed with each of the Dark Rising Projects as well as character breakdowns and facts about the Dark Rising Universe.

Like any Wikipedia page we encourage and appreciate when you to add to it. Do you have a fact about Dark Rising we haven't posted yet? Did you catch a reference you caught and wanted to point out? We will be writing more but want your input as well. Feel free to add it, that is the point of Wikipedia.


One Short Week Away...


As a special holiday gift, we've released a selection of Screen Grabs from the new, hour long TV series, Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds. Photos from Dark Rising Warrior of Worlds


First View of Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds

Here is the first trailer for Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds.

Stay tuned for news on this and other projects.